olixar makamae leather-style iphone x case - red reviews

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olixar makamae leather-style iphone x case - red reviews

olixar makamae leather-style iphone x case - red reviews

What follows are my suggestions to make a (theoretical) Roku Streaming Stick 2.0 a better product. The result might not be a full-on Chromecast killer, but it could be something that would at least be far better than the current model -- and possibly the best Roku to date. 1. Add a real YouTube app.This is still the Achilles' heel of all of Roku's boxes, from the $50 Roku LT to the $100 Roku 3. Yes, using the free Twonky app on an Android or iOS device allows you to get any YouTube video on your TV via the Roku (ironically, using Chromecast-style mirroring). And yes, as a Roku rep pointed out to Gigaom, many of YouTube's key third-party video providers -- Machinima, Vevo, College Humor, and others -- are already available on Roku via their own apps. But a real YouTube app on Roku boxes would remove the asterisks and workarounds, and make things easier for real-world users. (Whether Google, YouTube's owner, wants to cooperate and make its video service available on Roku -- which is now, arguably, a hardware rival -- is tougher to answer.).

2, Make the remote optional.Chromecast doesn't have a dedicated remote, Instead, it uses the Netflix and YouTube apps already on your smartphone or tablet -- you just click an icon, and video olixar makamae leather-style iphone x case - red reviews from your handheld screen instead appears on your big-screen TV, Some people -- presumably, those of you who "watch TV" while simultaneously interacting with your Facebook or Twitter stream -- love this idea, and prefer your touch-screen controls to an old-fashioned clicker, While a smartphone screen is certainly a great way to search for and choose content, I still prefer the dedicated hard buttons of a real remote control..

The good news for Roku is that it already offers the best of both worlds. The company already has an Android and iOS remote app, so anyone who doesn't like the company's minimalist clicker can toss it in a drawer after initial setup. Roku could potentially work with other app providers -- Netflix, YouTube, whoever -- to add the "play to Roku" option that works identically to the existing Chromecast one. The point is, so long as the Streaming Stick can work without the need for the hard remote, you can pull it out of the box and make it an optional add-on. Given that the current Roku remote sells separately for around $34, that would help get the Streaming Stick price closer to $50.

3, Add screen mirroring.This one isn't a big deal for olixar makamae leather-style iphone x case - red reviews me, but I know that a lot of geeks some to love the Chromecast's screen mirroring function, which lets Macs and Windows PCs beam the contents of the laptop screen directly to the TV, (We found this beta feature to be less than 100 percent reliable when streaming video sites like Hulu on the Chromecast.), Because it was already competing with Apple TV's nearly identical AirPlay functionality, Roku's remote apps feature a "Play on Roku" function that streams any music or photos on your phone to the TV, Roku just added video support to the iOS version, too, For now, it only works with self-shot video that's sitting on your iPhone, But if Roku has gotten that working, it makes me think that PC/Mac mirroring shouldn't be too hard to pull off, either..

4. Add USB power.This is the big one. The Roku Streaming Stick is designed only to work with TVs that are equipped with MHL-capable (Mobile High-Definition Link) HDMI ports. Unlike standard HDMI, MHL ports provide enough power to charge connected mobile devices -- or, in this case, to keep the Roku Streaming Stick up and running, even when the input is powered off. It's a nice idea -- the Roku is "always on," ready to be toggled on. (Otherwise, the Roku would have to go through its full reboot sequence whenever the TV was turned on -- no fun if you want to jump straight into a Netflix movie.) But the "feature" limits the Streaming Stick to only MHL-compatible TVs. You'll find more of them in 2013, but it's still not a widely supported feature, especially if your TV is more than a couple of years old.

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