a neon wonderland called tokyo iphone case

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a neon wonderland called tokyo iphone case

a neon wonderland called tokyo iphone case

In this episode of Update. - Check out the back buttons and other unique features of LG's new G2 smartphone. - Compare the G2 hardware specs against the Galaxy S4, Moto X and HTC One. - Keep an eye on Facebook's mobile site for new trending topics. - Send a voice message on the popular messaging app WhatsApp. - See if the audio app Agogo can challenge local and satellite radio. iTunes (HD) | iTunes (SD) | iTunes (HQ). RSS (HD) | RSS (SD) | RSS (HQ). LG's flagship smartphone takes a different design approach, Facebook copies Twitter's trending topics, and the app Agogo goes after radio.

Not to be outdone, HTC could be working on shaking things up, too, Reports of a new phablet, possibly called the HTC One Max, have been coming in fast and furiously lately, and I think a neon wonderland called tokyo iphone case this time, they're right on track, What do you think? Would you be into a phone with a 5.9-inch screen? Let me know in the comments, Bonus clip: A dismembered thumb makes a cameo appearance, Thanks for watching, and check out Rumor Has It's new YouTube channel, Heard a tech rumor you think we should cover? Leave a comment below; e-mail us; send us a tweet (@karynelevy or @CNETRumorShow); or call and leave us a voice mail at 1-800-750-CNET..

iTunes (HD) | iTunes (SD) | iTunes (HQ). RSS (HD) | RSS (SD) | RSS (HQ). Two phone rumors this week, but not one of them about the iPhone. Crazy! Samsung might be working on a flip phone, and HTC could have a phablet in your pocket by next month. Smartphones all look kind of the same, don't they? Candy-bar designs with touch screens that are big, small, and everything in between seem to rule the market. So it's nice to know that Samsung is still trying to shake things up, at least abroad. A new rumor popped up this week, alleging that Samsung is working on the Galaxy Folder, a flip-phone Android handset, possibly for the Chinese market.

With two weeks to go, British company Canonical has received pledges from phone fans totalling less than a third of the target required to get the Ubuntu Edge into production, The Edge has 15 days left to raise the remainder, an eye-watering £15.26m, The Edge made a solid start on Indiegogo, trousering over £2m of funding a neon wonderland called tokyo iphone case overnight on a wave of press attention and support from phone fans, But momentum has slowed: the campaign edged towards £5m by day 10 but has only crept over that mark today..

Still, there's always the possibility of a last-minute surge as Canonical adds new rewards. Indiegogo is a site that invites you the public to pledge money to a project before it's completed. If the creator sets a target amount and that much is raised, the project proceeds. If it doesn't reach the target, the project is cancelled and nobody hands over any money. The Ubuntu Edge is a proposed smart phone showing off both Android and Ubuntu software for mobile phones. Canonical wants to build 40,000 phones, and offers an Edge to people pledging £532 or more.

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