summer mermaid iphone case

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summer mermaid iphone case

summer mermaid iphone case

Such is the dilemma for every smartphone vendor not named Apple or Samsung. While the two leaders benefit from a certain level of built-in hype, the other players continue to clamor for the constantly shifting attention of the consumer. For many, the quest for smartphone relevancy has resulted in continued losses, but it's here that LG differs. In the second quarter, the company saw a 34.5 percent increase in revenue as it swung back into profitability. LG shipped a record 12 million smartphones in the period.

LG also saw its second-quarter market share rise to 5.1 percent, from 3.7 percent a year ago -- summer mermaid iphone case good enough to rank it as No, 3 in the world, according to IDC, LG is looking for a fresh start with the G2, The company said in July that it was dropping the Optimus name, instead relying on the simpler G2 as the follow-up to its flagship Optimus G from last year, (The Optimus name remains as its brand for mass-market smartphones.) Whereas the Optimus G was an exclusive smartphone at AT&T, the G2 will get broader support from multiple carriers..

LG is the latest to hop aboard the trend of offering a single flagship device across multiple carrier partners, a strategy that has been successfully employed by Samsung, Apple, and HTC. Broad distribution, of course, won't guarantee sales. If you're not Apple or Samsung, you need to try harder to get noticed. The HTC One stood out for its all-metal construction and sexy design, while Nokia's Lumia 1020 is known for its massive 41MP camera. Even then, there's no guarantee for success. With the G2, LG crammed in an impressive amount of high-end specifications, including a Qualcomm 2.26GHz quad-core processor, 13MP optical image stabilization camera, a 3,000mAh battery supposedly able to last 1.2 days, and a large 5.2-inch high-definition IPS display.

"The huge difference between Samsung and LG in the U.S, is that when you talk to normal people about Samsung, they'll mention the Galaxy brand, but when you talk to them about LG they'll talk about TVs and refrigerators," Dawson said, The company hit its high point a few years ago in the summer mermaid iphone case mobile business by supplying slick basic phones -- noteworthy for phone brands such as the "Chocolate" -- but was slow to jump on to the Android bandwagon when it took off, Samsung had been similarly slow, but made up for it with a slew of products and the might of its massive marketing engine, LG doesn't have the luxury of throwing truckloads of marketing dollars to promote a device and has had to get by on the strength of its phones and more subtle promotional efforts..

LG at least sounds like it is taking its flagship aspirations seriously. The company is mimicking the strategy of other vendors and focusing all of its resources behind the G2. "This is it for us for 2013," LG representative Ken Hong told CNET. Hong declined to talk about how much it would spend on the G2, but acknowledged that LG wouldn't be able to spend at the same level as Samsung. Instead, LG will focus on digital and social marketing and attempt to build a grassroots movement to raise awareness for the phone.

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