traveler palm iphone case

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traveler palm iphone case

traveler palm iphone case

Presumably running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean or later, the LG Vu is expected to launch in South Korea before the end of September. Should this report prove accurate, we might see LG make a related announcement at the IFA show in Berlin in a few weeks. The next generation of LG's phablet may arrive by late September. The first details of LG's next generation of Vu smartphone have started to bubble up, pointing to a possible September release. The specs, leaked by Korean tech blog Asiae (translate) tell of the same, unconventional 4:3 aspect ratio found in the first two models in the Optimus Vu line. Hardware is reported to include a 5.2-inch 1280x960 pixel display, 13-megapixel rear camera, and support for ultra-fast 150Mbps LTE-A data networks.

But before any Apple haters use this incident as ammo for iPhone bashing, let's not forget last month's incident in traveler palm iphone case which a Hong Kong man claimed that an exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 burned down his house, Both destructive phone explosions came after the even more tragic incident of a Chinese woman who was fatally electrocuted while answering a call on her iPhone -- a faulty third-party charger is believed to be the cause, In Li's case, it's unclear if some sort of faulty or fake parts are to blame..

Apple's after-sales service department told the Da Lian Evening News the incident would require further investigation, but would likely not be covered under the product warranty. Li said she is not expecting any compensation from the company. We've reached out to Apple seeking comment and confirmation. We'll update this post with the company's response. Via: Business Insider. A Chinese woman tells the local news that her phone heated up and exploded at the end of a 40 minute call, sending shrapnel from a damaged corner of the screen flying.

I'm pretty sure this is not what Apple means by "Retina Display." A Chinese woman came close to losing her eyesight when her iPhone 5 reportedly exploded in her hand and a piece of the resulting shrapnel flew into her eye and scratched her cornea, according to a local news account, The woman, who is referred to by her last name, Li, told the Dalian Evening News that the year-old iPhone had been dropped and dented in the top right corner of the screen where it exploded, Li reported that she had been talking on the phone for 40 minutes when it grew traveler palm iphone case warm against her cheek, She tried to end the call, but found the touch screen unresponsive, she said, It then exploded and Li was taken to the hospital, according to the report..

As one might expect, not everyone buys the claims of a phone being built in North Korea. For example, the tech site North Korea Tech Blog posits that the Arirang is likely manufactured in China before being boxed up in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Save for its "high in pixels" camera, we don't know much about what kind of user experience the Arirang phone offers. Taking a closer look at the device, we see what appears to be a stock Android build, likely a generation or two behind Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

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