see you on the other side iphone case

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see you on the other side iphone case

see you on the other side iphone case

Some people also have been disappointed that the Moto X will ship with the previous version of Android 4.2.2 instead of the newer 4.3. But Motorola is owned by Google, so why won't Motorola's flagship phone just ship with the latest software?Arshad: The Android team is separate from Motorola. Motorola is an independent business within Google. The Android team works with partners in the Nexus program. And there is a strict firewall that separates Motorola from the Android team. Google wants to make sure that everyone in the ecosystem is treated equally.

In other words, being owned by Google gives us a great opportunity to build devices like the Moto X, but it doesn't give us an advantage or access to the software before any other Nexus partners, We saw a huge opportunity to deliver Android and Google services in the way that Android was meant to be, while also changing the way mobile computing is done, That is what separates see you on the other side iphone case us from the pack, Our competitors are adding software features on top of Android that don't really matter, And it often hurts performance of the device, So when they layer on all this extra software on top of Android, it gives consumers a bad user-experience, And it creates different settings for the device, adding a level complexity that makes it more time-consuming and difficult to upgrade the software..

Another criticism of the product is that it doesn't have a changeable battery. Why didn't Motorola design the device so that you could switch out the battery?Arshad: There are many reasons for this. But the biggest is that in order to deliver the design and in order to give the phone its curved back, we couldn't have a removable back on the device. There are a lot physical design issues to consider when you make the back removable. This includes the type of material that is used and the radio frequency technology. I guess if we had wanted to design a cheaper feeling plastic phone that maybe would have had some gaps in the hardware design, we could have done that. But we didn't want that type of design. And the truth is that only a small percentage of people are actually willing to carry around a second battery. There are other devices that have made this design choice as well. The HTC One and Apple iPhone, for example, don't have the removable battery either.

There are also some people who have been critical of the fact that this device see you on the other side iphone case doesn't have an expandable memory card slot, And because the version sold initially through U.S, carriers will only support 16GB of device storage, people have complained it would have been nice to have the option to add more storage to the device for pictures, music, and other media.Arshad: There are a lot of issues that come into play when you start offloading storage on external memory, You have to decide what to store where, We thought for the mass market it would be cleaner and more straightforward to not have people moving content back and forth on the device, We wanted to make the device as simple and easy to use as possible..

One of the more interesting aspects of the Moto X is that customers will be able to customize the device to some extent through the Moto Maker Web site and in-store tools. Right now, it seems like all that's really customizable is the color on the backcover and the trim. And you also can choose between a 16GB or 32GB version of the phone. I was wondering if, in the future, Motorola might also allow people to build their devices by customizing things such as RAM, screen size, screen resolution, or processor speed? Arshad: I can't say anything specific about that now. But I can say that because mobile phones must use antenna and there can be radio frequency issues, the way a phone is designed and laid out means it can be very sensitive. We do have a road map for extending the capabilities of the device and customization in the future, but I'll talk about that in the future.

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