rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray

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rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray

rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray

rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray

Visit manufacturer site for details. Unless you find you and your phone often drenched in water, consider skipping over the Kyocera Hydro Edge. True, as the successor to the Hydro, the Edge can still survive a good dunking. But while this new iteration includes some welcomed improvements like a bigger 4-inch screen and a 5-megapixel camera (the original featured only a 3.2-megapixel shooter), the device still runs on 3G and has a a rather slow 1GHz processor. If having an affordable smartphone that is able to survive multiple spills and dips is important (either from the water you encounter at the beach or simply the kitchen sink), the Edge is a good handset to consider. It's available on Sprint for $19.99 after users sign a two-year agreement, or off-contract under the carrier's prepaid arm, Boost Mobile, for $149.99.

But if that factor isn't a deal breaker for you and you can spare the extra cash, look into your carrier's other devices that sport better specs, DesignThe Kyocera Hydro Edge has a simple, matte-gray plastic construction that feels sturdy, but doesn't look at all chic, Like the XTRM, neither of the device's ports are covered, In fact, the only way one could even assume the handset is waterproof is by the toggle lock located in the rear, which keeps the battery door secured, The phone measures 4.9 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, and 0.39 inch thick, It weighs 4.5 ounces, and while the top half of the Edge is a bit heftier rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray than its bottom half, it's still comfortable to hold in the hand..

On the left is a volume rocker, and up top are a 3.5mm headphone jack and sleep/power button. The right edge houses a shortcut key for the camera, and the Micro-USB port is located on the bottom. The device has a 4-inch IPS touch-screen display, with a 800x480-pixel resolution and 233ppi. Though HD movies won't appear as crisp as you might expect on it, text and icons still displayed clearly and smoothly for me. Furthermore, the screen has a rather narrow viewing angle outdoors. However, when you crank maximum brightness all the way up and you hold up the handset directly at eye level, you can make out the display very well.

Beneath the display are three hot keys that light up white when in use for back, home, and menu, Long-press the home key to access recent apps, You'll notice that above the screen, there is no in-ear speaker, Like a handful of other Kyocera smartphones, the Edge features Smart Sonic Receiver technology, which uses an embedded ceramic transducer to transmit audio via the hard tissue inside your ear, The back rally case for apple iphone xr - lime/light gray features a dimpled rubber texture, and the top half of the handset's body is contoured to be thicker than the rest of its body, I felt that both these characteristics helped with my grip as I held it..

On the back you'll find the camera, with its LED flash right below it. To the left is a small slit for the audio speaker. To remove the battery door, you'll need to switch the toggle lock at the bottom and pry the plate off. There you can access the 1,600mAh battery and the microSD card slot (which can accommodate cards with capacities of up to 32GB) underneath it. Software featuresThe device ships with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and comes with a number of Google's services, like Chrome, Gmail, Plus, Local, Maps with Navigation, Messenger, Search, Talk, and YouTube. The Google Play stores for Books, Magazines, and Music are included as well.

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