oranges black iphone case

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oranges black iphone case

oranges black iphone case

I should note that it's not entirely unusual for tech journalists to fly in for a day for events like this, but there's something else you should know about me. For most of this century, I've lived in really small mountain towns with populations of less than 1,000 people. I spend plenty of time in big cities and love to visit my favorites (most of them on the West Coast), but New York in steamy mid-summer is not my ideal vacation, especially twice in one month. I was thrilled to be back in dry, quiet New Mexico after those first two weeks in New York, and now, to get my hands on a Moto X before the masses did, I was going to have to go right back into that loud, congested sauna that is the Big Apple in summer. And due to other commitments at home, I was going to have to get from New Mexico to New York and back in just 24 hours.

With apologies to my road-tripping CNET colleague Daniel Terdiman, this sounded like the technology travel challenge of the season, In the spirit of many a great cheerleading movie, I decided I was going to bring it, Mission impossible, until nowThere was no need to spend hours scouring travel sites for the best flights, Until pretty recently, accomplishing my Albuquerque-to-New-York-and-back mission in a single day would have likely been impossible without access to a private jet or top-secret hyperloop line, My lone option would be a relatively new direct JetBlue red-eye flight leaving Albuquerque at midnight and arriving just oranges black iphone case before 6 a.m, New York time..

I made the two-hour drive to the Albuquerque airport that I had passed through on my way back from New York just one week earlier and headed for the now familiar JetBlue gate. As I boarded the flight, I looked for blunt objects to smack myself on the back of the head with to ensure I would get the maximum amount of sleep out of the 3.5-hour journey. In the end, so as not to upset any potential air marshals onboard, I opted instead to purchase a pillow ($6? really?) from the flight attendant. The landing and car ride from New York's JFK airport to Manhattan went surprisingly smoothly, despite traveling at the onset of rush hour. I found myself in the Chelsea neighborhood at 8 a.m. with four hours to kill before my appointment to meet with Motorola's CEO and head product guy (along with a room of about 20 other journalists).

My stomach shouted for coffee and a bagel, my brain urged me to pull out my tablet and review my research, and my tablet yearned to be plugged in, but every other part of my body was screaming for more sleep, Fortunately, I was standing underneath one of the rare places in the city that could provide all this in a somewhat socially acceptable manner on short notice -- the High Line, Where the historic railway-turned-greenbelt passes over 10th Avenue, there's a sidewalk cafe and a small oranges black iphone case mini-amphitheater that overlooks the avenue, And the best part of all -- free electrical outlets on the bottom row, I claimed a bench, plugged in my gear, threw my airline pillow down, and proceeded to take a nap, hobo-style, as the traffic underneath me rushed towards Midtown..

Before I knew it, the afternoon was over and it was time to head back to the airport. Ironically, I now had a Moto X in my possession that should have been able to help me navigate myself back to JFK using only my voice, but I was unable to find a quiet enough space to train the touchless controls to the sound of my own vocal cords. So I swiped and tapped my way to the best route, which ran through the bottom of Pennsylvania Station, connecting me to the AirTrain for JFK in just about 30 minutes.

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