olixar xduo iphone x case - carbon fibre silver reviews

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olixar xduo iphone x case - carbon fibre silver reviews

olixar xduo iphone x case - carbon fibre silver reviews

Conclusion: Does it really matter?When the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was announced, I did not think this was a step forward for smartphone photography. And I still don't. Though I see the appeal of having an optical zoom on something I carry with me everyday, the S4 Zoom isn't a good enough camera to make it worth buying, especially not as a primary smartphone. Now, that doesn't mean it's a bad camera that takes bad photos, because it's not. As you can see from the results above, it's as good as, if not better than, other smartphones, and the zoom lens gives you shooting flexibility not previously available with a phone.

But it's definitely a compromise, and if you want a long zoom lens, you're still better off olixar xduo iphone x case - carbon fibre silver reviews buying something like the Sony WX300, which is so small and light that keeping it in your bag isn't really an issue; it charges over Micro-USB; has excellent battery life; has twice the zoom range of the S4 Zoom and is faster with better photo and video quality; and has built-in Wi-Fi so you can still quickly share on the go directly to your smartphone, Now, as far as how all the phones measure up to each other, all of them have their pluses and minuses, Overall, the Nokia Lumia 1020's photos have the best fine detail, least amount of noise, and its low-light results are excellent, It's also a bit of a pain to use, and if you're shooting with the Pro Cam lens, it's very slow between shots..

Lastly, despite its age, the iPhone 5 still takes a very good snapshot and it's the easiest to use. It's only really in low light that it's at a disadvantage to all of the other devices here, assuming you like all of the other results here. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is the first smartphone we've seen with a 10x zoom lens, but that doesn't automatically mean better picture quality. Here's how it matches up against the Nokia Lumia 1020, HTC One, Apple iPhone 5, and the regular Samsung Galaxy S4. When Samsung launched the Android-based Galaxy Camera, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before it made a smartphone with a zoom lens. And it was.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Let me cut right to the chase: The AT&T olixar xduo iphone x case - carbon fibre silver reviews version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is as good as the Wi-Fi-only version, but it's overpriced for what you can get in the second half of 2013, Unfortunately, even in a more hypercompetitive tablet market, AT&T follows Samsung's lead too closely and charges an arm and a leg for its version of the Note 8 -- $500 contract free (with a $25 monthly charge) or $400 when you sign up for a two year deal (and that doesn't even include the monthly service fees), You read that right: Those opting into the two-year contract pay the same initial price as the Wi-Fi-only contract-free version, Not exactly what I'd call a deal..

The Note 8's combination of features and price just doesn't compete with the newly released Nexus 7, which remains our No. 1 small tablet choice. That unit delivers 4G LTE compatibility (the Wi-Fi version is available now; the 4G model, "coming soon", according to Google) on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile -- contract-free -- for a mere $350 (with 32GB of storage, no less). And even with its premium pricing, the iPad Mini (with a larger, but lower-resolution screen than the Nexus 7's) is competitive to the AT&T Note 8 -- $429 for 16GB or $529 for 32GB, both contract-free.

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