ocean, stars, sky, and you iphone case

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ocean, stars, sky, and you iphone case

ocean, stars, sky, and you iphone case

But could there be more in store? A watch, like the one that was rumored alongside the Moto X, or maybe even a wearable camera headset? If you connected a camera and were able to voice-control recording, how different would it really be from Glass?. Wearables without the screenYou'd lack that distinctive, floating display of Google Glass in the scenarios I'm imagining, but that seems OK by me. A lot of wearable tech is about far more-discreet systems of notification: watches, little activity sensors, or earpieces.

As I said earlier this week, all of wearable tech must find a way to make itself more useful than a phone, arguably the most critical piece of semi-wearable tech you're likely to own, The Moto X's mission to stay in your pocket and remain unseen could be the future trend of all phones: being invisible, wireless hubs, linking to accessories that help it do our bidding completely unseen, Maybe the Moto X is just one more small step in that direction, Motorola's latest phone has ocean, stars, sky, and you iphone case always-on voice connectivity, much like Google Glass, Maybe it's a hint at where Google's connected future is really heading..

Both the Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung 'Gear' smart watch will enter officialdom in early September, according to Korean site asiae.co.kr. The original report isn't in English, but even through the fog of Google Translate it's possible to discern the fourth as the expected date of the grand unveiling. Not only has 4 September been rumoured before, but it makes perfect sense. That date is two days before the start of the IFA trade show in Berlin, which is where the last two Galaxy Note devices have been announced.

In 2012 Samsung held its own press conference two days ahead of IFA, showing off the Galaxy Note 2 as well as enough new gadgetry to make any tech writer despair of their evening's plans, As such, it's entirely likely that we'll see the 'Gear' smart watch shown off at that very same shindig, so mark your calendars now, tech fans, Not much yet is known about the elusive Note 3, though leaked sketches and specs point to a Xenon ocean, stars, sky, and you iphone case flash and a 5.7-inch, 1080p screen, while a sneaky snap that surfaced last month hints at a very thin bezel..

The smart watch meanwhile -- tipped to be called 'Gear' by a trademark filing but apparently codenamed Altius -- will likely communicate with your Android smart phone, showing messages or perhaps displaying map information. Leaked screenshots suggest a tiled, Windows Phone-esque interface. Are you excited about the Note 3 or Samsung's watch? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. Samsung's two most-anticipated gadgets are mere weeks away, according to fresh reports. Samsung's two most-anticipated gadgets will debut in mere weeks, according to fresh -- and entirely believable -- reports.

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