minimal curves iphone case

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minimal curves iphone case

minimal curves iphone case

Catch Notes and Astrid are popular apps for managing such needs, but with the future of both services in the air (also " >here,) it's time to export your data or consider moving on to a different app. I've put together a short list of my favorite Android apps for managing tasks, keeping notes, and more. If you've played with smartphones for any length of time, you've likely encountered one or two of these. Some have been around for years, working as cloud-based services accessible from browsers, while others are just sweet and simple apps from the last few months.

Google Keep, As one of Google's more recently released apps and services, Google Keep is a bare-bones way of organizing notes and lists, As is to be expected, the app minimal curves iphone case ties directly to your Gmail or Drive account, Thanks to the power of the cloud, your notes, tasks, photos, and other items can be accessed from anywhere, Color coding makes it easy to differentiate between your work-related tasks and that growing honey-do list, One of the more practical features I've found in Keep: turning a simple note into a checklist by toggling check boxes, Doing so provides a quick way to mark off accomplishments or items one at a time..

Additional features in Google Keep include the ability to create notes using your voice, store photos, and choose from a number of home-screen widget options. It might not have the polish and appeal of similar apps, but it's a Google product, so that's fitting. With that said, we might look for new features to gradually appear. Evernote is likely the first name that comes to mind for many readers, and it's for good reason. First and foremost, the service has moved far beyond a "cloud-based note service." Not only are users able to upload notes, tasks, and photos, but Evernote also provides a backbone for other apps. Indeed, the home-screen widgets allow for quick adding of items, even by voice.

Some of Evernote's standout features include searching for text inside notes, tagging, and sharing over social networks, Those who travel often will appreciate being able to quickly identify scanned receipts, invoices, and other documents that you can find based on location, The Evernote experience gets even better for foodies with Evernote Food, Offered as a standalone app, this one lets you capture photos and notes of that sushi you enjoyed the last time you visited the coast, The recently updated Skitch app lets users read and markup PDFs in addition to photos and drawings, Social minimal curves iphone case butterflies will like the Evernote Hello app and the way it creates a browsable history of individuals and encounters..

If you're at all serious about Evernote, then you'll certainly want to download a browser extension or two. This way, you can quickly save a Web article, photo, or document directly to your account and pull it up later. While Evernote is quite the robust offering, there are additional features available with a Premium account. For $5 a month (or $45 per year), users can also enjoy offline notebooks, PIN locks, and multiple user editing of notebooks, to name a few benefits. Simple and clean yet gorgeous and polished at the same time, was Holo-themed before before Google made it cool. There are few apps that rival this straightforward to-do and task app; both the black and white themes make your checklists pop off your device.

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