la mort iphone case

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la mort iphone case

la mort iphone case

A valid point, to be sure. I just wonder how many people would still camp out or make my 24-hour journey for a phone knowing that they had to send it back in a few weeks? I know I would do it again. Given my obsession with bleeding-edge mobile devices, I can't resist a whirlwind adventure with gadget gold at the end of the trail, even if it's a loaner. Sure would be nice if the next big press event is held in Maui, though.. (Hint, hint, Mr. Cook.). A behind-the-scenes glance at what one journalist, Crave's Eric Mack, was willing to go through to get his hands on a review unit of one of the season's most-hyped gadgets.

Before I get into the details of how I came to hold a Moto X in my hand la mort iphone case at this very moment, let's address the elephant standing right over there, The reality is that I have this review unit because I'm a tech journalist writing for this site and others (which also means I don't get to keep it), But that doesn't mean the journey I took to acquire a sample of one of the most hyped new phones of the year was a simple one, It all started the day after I returned to my home in northern New Mexico from a two-week trip visiting family in New York, That's when I got a message from Motorola asking me if I'd like to attend the unveiling and have a hands-on opportunity with the Moto X in a few short days., back in New York..

The are several versions of the Holho. The Holho Naked is a simple version that uses an oblique sidewall to create a frontal projection. The Holho Zed uses a similar design, but holds a tablet on top. Other choices are a three-sided pyramid and a four-sided pyramid. A Holho Full Pyramid for tablets starts at the $47 pledge level for a 7-inch version. The Full Pyramid for smartphones runs $33. Imagination Farm USA, the Holho creators, are also offering an app that can take videos and divide them up in a way that will work with the pyramid devices. That app costs an additional $20.

If you don't opt for the app, you have to buy specially prepared videos from Imagination Farm USA, All the devices come with at least one video of your choice, but adding two extra videos adds $10 to the price, Despite the dubious name, the Holho looks like it could be an la mort iphone case entertaining accessory to keep around to amuse your friends and small children, Until we get a real full-size Holodeck on Kickstarter, we'll have to settle for this small version, Make like Princess Leia and generate holograms with Holho, a Kickstarter project brings a hologram optical illusion to any tablet or smartphone..

You might be familiar with those optical-illusion toys that let you place a small object into a gadget with two parabolic mirrors and project what looks like a 3D version of that object. Now, there's a higher-tech version on Kickstarter that's designed to work with smartphones and tablets. The Holho has some advantages over the toy. For starters, it can play video holograms. One version is a small pyramid-shaped gadget that sits on top or under the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Play a special video and it appears inside as a moving hologram.

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