it's okay iphone case

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it's okay iphone case

it's okay iphone case

I refuse to keep accepting that until our cynically imagined dystopian future comes to pass. As just one alternative to the essentially already-failed high speed rail project, we now have a detailed plan for a high-speed transit system that could cost as little as $6 billion to build and, by the way, would be solar powered and infinitely more environmentally friendly than the dirty, diesel-powered rail project. It seems obvious that Musk is unveiling this plan ahead of the ground-breaking for the rail project in what is hopefully a successful attempt to stop the monster from ever being born. So get over the sunk cost fallacy of the California "high speed rail" and move on to a better solution.

All we citizens of California, and the Internet, and the world, have to do is believe that this technology is possible, Then those of us with the lucky happenstance of representative government should use it like it's supposed to be used, and demand better, Instead we tend to give up and talk about great ideas that will never happen -- or worse, tear those ideas down as silly, unrealistic, or impossible, It's tempting to blame "Internet culture" for the creeping negativity and cynicism that stops us from ever imagining more, but I believe that the chorus of "no's" from Twitter and the comments section only amplifies a depressing point of view that's infected America since the 1970s, We're afraid, We hate science, We have no heroes, We don't believe that we are capable of more, All the "disruptive" technologies I ever hear about seem to be smart watches and better ways to track every individual movement we ever make and better ways to make it seem like we're better photographers than we are, Wait, get out, the phone can see my hand waving in front of it and then answer it's okay iphone case the incoming call!? You're kidding me..

Look at what technology has already done. We can fly. We can access all the information ever recorded in seconds, virtually anywhere we are. We can bio-print organs with 3D printers (not to mention food, drone parts, and, thank goodness, iPhone cases). We've mapped the human genome, implanted memories in mice, created technology that allows quadriplegics to move prosthetic limbs with their minds. We have robots that can teach themselves to make human expressions. Oh, yeah: we can fly. But somehow, when faced with truly big ideas -- that is, ideas that occur or are implemented on a grand scale, as public works projects, or that happen out in the light rather than in quiet, under-the-radar labs, we balk. That just doesn't seem possible. It's laughable, even, to hope that such world-changing ideas could actually happen in this permanently hopeless condition in which we reluctantly reside.

That's ., sad, I have no religion but technology anymore, I am starving for big ideas, and I'm not the only one, You don't always hear it from me, I know, but I believe that we live at the dawn of one of the most amazing time in human history, Technology has the power to transform health, energy, food, the environment, and transportation, and improve the quality of life of every human on this planet and not just a few animals, too, Of course there are problems, and practical concerns, and land rights issues, and politics, But every problem has a solution if you want it badly enough and if you believe that you deserve it, Every problem has a solution if you start by looking it's okay iphone case for the solutions rather than the problems..

Could I be disappointed by the Hyperloop? Could it turn out to be "another Segway" or Google Glass or CableCard? Sure. Anything is possible. But I'm willing to get excited, to open my heart, and to fall in love all over again precisely because anything is possible. I do not believe that the iPhone is the best we can do as a species. I'm a California voter and I plan to do everything possible to do my part to get the Hyperloop built. We deserve better, and technology can give it to us. Just believe.

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