iphone se case otterbox

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iphone se case otterbox

Because of the lack of a native API, pressure sensitivity has to be invoked on a app-by-app basis. At launch, Wacom lists app support for Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad, ArtRage, Bamboo Paper, ProCreate, and Psykopaint. Surprisingly absent: Adobe Ideas. Wacom says it's on the roadmap, though. The Intuos Creative Stylus is slated to ship in October, and will come in a two-tone blue and black as well as solid black. A latecomer to the market, the company finally unveils a pressure-sensitive stylus for the iPad, the $99 Intuos Creative Stylus.

It's a bit of a niche, but disconnecting the pressure-sensitive stylus from its dedicated drawing tablet and enabling use with a more mainstream, general purpose tablet like an iPad is quite liberating for designers and doodlers alike, Wacom, known for its excellent drawing peripherals like the Intuos5, has been strangely slow to jump into this market -- but finally lands with its $99 Intuos Creative Stylus (ICS), The ICS joins products like the Adonit's Jot Touch 4 ($90) the Pogo Connect ($80) and the Hex3 Jaja ($90) with workarounds to give the fundamentally insensitive iPad display pressure-sensitive drawing capabilities (in which stroke width changes in response to changes in stylus pressure), Because of the tablet constraints, the ICS uses a Bluetooth 4 connection like the Jot and the Pogo rather than the electromagnetic resonance technology used in its dedicated input devices -- if you want EMR in a portable tablet you'll need to iphone se case otterbox fork over a lot more dough for Wacom's newly announced Android tablets, the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Bluetooth 4 limits the stylus compatibility to the iPad 2, current-generation model, and the Mini, The other benefit of EMR is battery-less operation; the ICS incorporates a AAAA battery, slightly smaller than the Pogo and Jaja's AAA design..

"Organizations concerned about trainee distraction and compliance during self-paced remote training can now have greater confidence that critical information is being reviewed and understood," Mindflash says. The computer-vision solution was developed by Stanford University Ph.D.s and founders of Sension, maker of computer vision technologies. Mindflash for iPad is the first implementation of this technology for corporate e-learning. Theoretically, if users look away from the training program to check their e-mail or phone messages (or watch a cat video on YouTube), the session will stop and wait until they return.

The ability to hold off on running the firehose of information if a user gets distracted is an interesting concept, But learning is not always an intensively focused process iphone se case otterbox -- some people need to pause regularly to reflect on the information they have just learned, For some, having a machine nag them to get back to the course of study may be more of a concentration killer than an enabler, Heck, it could even evoke flashbacks of that mean elementary school teacher who snapped at you every time you lifted your head up from your books..

Plus, it does raise concerns about the potential of managers to monitor employees' every move. Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Venessa Wong spoke with Donna Wells, CEO of Mindflash, who points out that "our focus is making sure trainees get all the information they need to do their jobs well, not penalizing learners." She says that "trainers do not receive any reporting on individual users' attention spans, but they are supplied with information on which content isn't engaging trainees."The digital trails being left by students engaging with massive open online courses (MOOCs) are providing a wealth of information to instructors on what topics and approaches are reaching students, versus those that aren't getting through as well. So, potentially, the eye-tracking data delivered through online training solutions such as this may also unveil what is and isn't resonating with users.

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