iphone screen protectors walmart

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iphone screen protectors walmart

DRM in the browser has been a touchy subject. Ian Hickson, for years a central figure in HTML standardization, doesn't like the idea, and nor does the Free Software Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, and other groups. Google and Microsoft pushed on anyway and helped to create a standard called Encrypted Media Extensions that doesn't specify how the DRM works but does say how the browser can hand off decryption to another software module. Widevine is one such module. Also being added to Chrome for Android are support for the clear-key decryption described in the EME specification and support for the Media Source Extension interface that lets Web pages' JavaScript software take control of video to better enable techniques such as adapting to changing network speeds.

Although DRM on the iphone screen protectors walmart Web has its detractors, Netflix is using it to move away from browser plug-ins that also are reviled among many browser and Web developers, Shunning DRM altogether could mean that content developers avoid the Web and rely on native applications instead, Copy protection for video is spreading to Google's mobile browser, In a move that paves the way for watching Web-based Netflix videos on an Android device, Google is adding its Widevine digital rights management software to its Chrome browser for Android..

Google engineers on Monday announced their intention to build the DRM feature into Chrome for Android on a mailing list for Blink, the browser engine at the heart of Chrome and its open-source foundation, Chromium. Google acquired Widevine in 2010; Netflix and Blockbuster use the technology for barring unauthorized copying and optimizing online streaming. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

CNET has reached out to Motorola for confirmation and will update this story when we hear back, In the meantime, GigaOm reports that a Motorola representative explained the delay, "As with all testing programs, we are adapting and changing the process based on what we learn, One item that requires some additional work before we launch is creating a custom signature on the back of the phone, As such, creating a custom message iphone screen protectors walmart is no longer available at this time."It is unclear why Motorola has made the 11th-hour move, but a number of reasons spring to mind, One suggestion is that engraving doesn't stand out as nicely on darker colors, Another possibility is that the etching is not as clear as Motorola wanted it to be..

In fact, the entire experience could use a little work. CNET editor Brian Bennett had a chance to try out Moto Maker ahead of schedule, and while the experience was fun, Motorola could still do more. At any rate, Moto X owners hoping to design their own phones will have to wait for this particular customization option to rejoin the Moto Maker fold. Buyers of the new smartphone won't be able to custom engrave their phones through the Moto X Web site at launch. Motorola has temporarily put the brakes on a custom engraving feature it planned to offer for the Moto X, according to multiple reports.

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