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iphone case unicorn

Dear Maggie, I am in interested in getting the iPhone 5S when it's released. I already have an iPhone 5 now. I was wondering where I am likely to get the most money for my old iPhone, since I'll have to pay full price for the new one. Also when is the best time to sell my old iPhone?. Thanks, Jeff. Dear Jeff, The new iPhone is just around the corner. Word on the street or rather the word from All Things D is that Apple is likely to announce the new device on September 10. This fits with previous expectations for a September or October launch of what everyone's calling the iPhone 5S.

Now that we have a rumored date for the device, the race to trade-in or sell older models is on, Experts from trade-in sites, such as NextWorth.com and SellYourCell.com say that the earlier you trade in your device the more money you are likely to get for it, But there is a balancing act that must take iphone case unicorn place, because you don't want to sell your old device too early and be without a phone for week or months, Still, timing the sale of your iPhone trade-in is crucial if you want top dollar, According to data collected by NextWorth preceding previous Apple announcements, an iPhone's decline in value typically starts three to four weeks before the announcement of the new iPhone, as rumors reach their peak..

Where should you sell your old iPhone? So where are you likely to get the best price on your old iPhone? There are tons of sites available now where you can trade in your old cell phones. I already mentioned Nextworth and SellYourCell.com. But there are others too, such as Gazelle.com and Swappa.com. And some retailers, like Target, also offer trade in programs. And there is a site called uSell, which aggregates several sites and gives you an idea of where you can sell your device. When I checked out these options, prices varied widely. I priced out the sale of a 32GB iPhone 5 on AT&T and found that prices varied between $279 through one trade-in company listed by uSell and $700 on eBay or Craigslist.

In fact, Gazelle, which buys phones from individuals via its trade-in site and then sells them directly to consumers on its eBay store, puts a big mark-up on the devices it resells, For example, on Friday Gazelle quoted a trade-in iphone case unicorn value of $310 for a used 32GB iPhone 5 from AT&T on its trade-in site, But in its eBay store, the company listed the price to buy that same version of the phone considered to be in good condition for $558, "Consumers will always do better if they sell their phones directly to someone else," John Marks from SelllYourCell.com said, "But of course, there is risk to doing it that way."Indeed, selling your device on Craigslist, eBay or some other way directly to a consumer looking for that same device will net you more cash, A quick look on Craigslist and eBay show that the 32GB iPhone 5 is listed for sale between $400 and $700, And if Gazelle and other resellers are pricing these devices at $558, you can bet that you'd be able to get as much for the same device as well..

Of course, selling a device yourself takes time. And there is some risk and hassle associated with it. Selling items through Craigslist will likely mean that you may have to field e-mails and phone calls from prospective buyers who may want to haggle over the price or who aren't serious about buying your item. And if you insist on being paid in cash and in person, you have to deal with people who flake at the last minute and simply don't show up. If you accept payment electronically through PayPal or some other method, or you sell the device through eBay, you have to make sure you really get the funds from the buyer. And then you have to send the device to the new owner.

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