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iphone case 6se

As if a full high-definition screen and four-core power isn't enough, The Verge reports the phablet codenamed Bandit will also boast a 20-megapixel camera -- almost as powerful as the snapper in the Lumia 1020. There's no word on whether the specs also include a luxurious moustachio and a cowboy hat. Windows Phone 8 currently maxes out at a 720p screen and dual-core processor -- a long way to go and a short time to get there compared to the quad-core and Full HD likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One Android phones. Microsoft is apparently working on adding support for more powerful hardware. The biggest Windows Phone is the recently announced 4.7-inch Nokia Lumia 625.

After the Lumia 925 appeared in a metal shell, the 6-inch Bandit is expected to come in a polycarbonate casing, Whether it'll have a smokin' firebird emblazoned on it is uncertain, Is it time for a Windows Phone phablet? Is Windows Phone 8 hopelessly behind Android? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall, Nokia is eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin' with the 6-inch Bandit, tipped to be the first quad-core, 1080p Windows Phone, Nokia is eastbound and down, loaded iphone case 6se up and truckin' with the 6-inch Bandit, tipped to be the first quad-core and 1080p Windows Phone..

Here's a quick guide for your most essential questions about both devices. What's Apple expected to announce?Two new iPhones: both a lower-cost model and a new top of the line model. Those devices are said to be debuting at an event on September 10, presumably in San Francisco or at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, where past unveilings have taken place. What's different about the low cost one?This model, rumored to be called the "iPhone 5C," will sport a plastic back instead of metal. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster also recently suggested that Apple might carve out a feature or two, namely Siri, Apple's built-in voice assistant software.

However, the key difference will be price, not so much the what people pay with a multi-year contract from their carrier, but iphone case 6se what the phone costs up front, We get into that a bit more lower down, What's different about the new high-end model?Leaks suggest Apple plans to offer the "iPhone 5S" in more colors, notably a "gold" or "champagne" color, The device is also said to sport a better camera with a dual-LED flash and a home button that can scan your finger -- something that's likely going to be used for security features..

Other expected specs include a 128GB storage option and a jump to a 64-bit processor, which could speed things up. Wait, didn't Apple already have plastic iPhones?Yes, the iPhone 3G and 3GS came in white and black plastic (see image to the right). Apple switched to glass with 2010's iPhone 4, resulting in a flat back that was substantially thinner, but could also shatter just as badly as the screen on the other side. Where's the proof of either of these devices that I can look at?There haven't been any fully functional devices, but there have been heaps of photos of the back casing for both phones. By pure volume there have been more shots of the so-called iPhone 5C and its plastic back, which has popped up in a handful of places and suggested Apple's planning to have brightly-colored devices, akin to what Nokia's been doing on its Lumia series phones.

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