iphone 5c screen protectors

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iphone 5c screen protectors

To do this, select the "Manufacturer not listed" option and manually enter your TV's brand. At this point you will be asked to point your TV's remote at the IR blaster in the HTC One, which is located at the top of the device behind the power button, and perform a variety of tasks, such as holding down the Power, Mute, Volume, and Input buttons to program the remote. You will then be asked to select your cable box brand. This will allow you to change the channels on the TV and control the DVR using only your HTC One. As I mentioned above, every cable box is different; those from Verizon and Direct TV will automatically sync with your device, while boxes from Samsung and AT&T will require additional steps.

The last item on the list will be setting up the HTC One to control your home theater system, Depending on the specific brand, you will be asked to perform different tasks, such as powering the system on and raising the volume, Your HTC One should now be able to power on your TV, change the settings, control the volume, and switch between channels, I found the HTC One's IR blaster to have iphone 5c screen protectors exceptional range, it even worked when it wasn't pointed directly at the TV or cable box, Getting to know Sense TV..

The Sense TV software is extremely powerful. It provides detailed information on TV shows and movies, and gives you the ability to easily switch between them. The app provides complete TV schedules through the channel guide and includes built-in notifications to ensure that you never miss your favorite shows again. The first time you enter the app you will be greeted with a list of recommended shows that are currently playing or coming up next. A drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner of the screen lets you to choose between different movies, TV programs, sports, and a channel guide. There is also a social tab that will display what your friends on social-media networks are watching.

Scrolling to the right will reveal upcoming shows, videos stored locally on your device, and your scheduled reminders, Clicking on a show or a movie will provide a summary, along with information on upcoming episodes, a share feature, and even when a specific episode will be playing, Perhaps one of the most useful features is being able to quickly access TV controls from the HTC One's notification bar, A simple swipe of the finger will allow you to mute the volume, switch to a new show, access the full remote, or power off iphone 5c screen protectors the TV..

The HTC One and Sense TV offer an enjoyable experience. However, the app doesn't offer support for features like Netflix integration, something the Galaxy S4's competing Watch On app includes. The HTC One smartphone can control your TV, tell you what's playing, and even recommend new shows for you to watch. Here's how to set it up. Phones these days can be used for more than making calls. In an effort to compete and stay relevant in an increasingly crowded market, smartphone manufacturers are incorporating more features into their devices. One feature that is gaining traction is the inclusion of an IR blaster, which can be used to transform a smartphone into a universal remote.

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