i'm not always a bitch (black & white) iphone case

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i'm not always a bitch (black & white) iphone case

i'm not always a bitch (black & white) iphone case

The official end of the presidential review period is Sunday. Any decision from the Obama administration could arrive before that date. Apple faces a ban on some of its older iDevices next week, though there's still time for a presidential pardon, as it were. The clock is ticking ahead of next week's sales ban on older models of Apple's iPhone and iPad in the U.S. Come Monday, Apple will be unable to import or sell the iPhones prior to the iPhone 4S made for AT&T's network, nor the 3G-enabled versions of the iPad 1 and 2 in the U.S. as part of a final decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission in early June.

The new iPad mini will likely feature a more powerful processor, but the big question is whether it'll be anointed with the pixel-packing retina display that its big brother enjoys, Recent rumours suggest that a retina-display mini is going into production towards the end of the year, but that could mean that we don't see it hit shop shelves until 2014, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple sticks with the current design of the iPad mini as historically Tim Cook and pals have been reluctant to make any radical changes to the style of their glossy gadgets -- generally waiting years until we're sick to death of i'm not always a bitch (black & white) iphone case it before altering the look-and-feel..

Apple could be feeling the pressure to shake things up, however, as iPad sales dropped in the last three months between April and June. The fruit-flavoured company still managed to flog a whopping 14.6m tablets though, so the wolf isn't exactly at the door yet. Are you excited about a new iPad mini, or more enthused about the rumoured plastic iPhone? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. The snap suggests that Apple will avoid making any significant design changes in its next mini.

The Google-owned company, which boasts that its new phone was designed and is assembled in the US-of-A, has confirmed that it's only bringing the X to the US, Canada and Latin America, i'm not always a bitch (black & white) iphone case with the rest of the world forced to watch on, jealously fuming, Disappointing, but hope springs eternal -- if you head to Motorola's UK page, the company says "we're working on something new", Fingers crossed that means a European-centric treat is inbound, Motorola has a history of focusing on the US, with smart phones usually arriving in the UK later, bearing the 'Razr' branding, I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Moto X show its shiny face in the distant future, but for now Motorola says it has no plans to bring its new toy to Britain..

In a statement, Motorola said, "We are firmly committed to building a portfolio of products in Europe that show the best of Motorola as a Google company, but at this time don’t have any immediate plans for Moto X to come to the region.""Europe remains an important market for us", the phone-maker continued, "And we have exciting plans in the works. Although we can’t reveal specifics right now, this is just the start."Not much. Despite the huge hype surrounding the Moto X's debut, the phone itself is rather ordinary. It has a 4.7-inch panel, so it's not as big as monster-mobiles like the Galaxy S4, and the 1,280x720 pixel resolution won't be troubling Samsung's flagship either.

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