godzilla 5 iphone case

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godzilla 5 iphone case

godzilla 5 iphone case

This time last year company boss Thorsten Heins asserted the company would "win" against the iPhone and Android. Heins now sits on the committee that will figure out the firm's next move. BlackBerry has options. It could flog the business wholesale to someone bold enough to buy it, or it could license little bits of the business -- like BB10, or perhaps the BBM messaging platform -- for cash. It'll be interesting to see what happens next. What do you think BlackBerry should do? Should it keep making mobiles, or throw in the towel? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

The group that taught generations of children to read with their thumb stuck at the previous page is looking for crowd-funded cash to launch a new iPad cartoon series, dubbed Choose 'Toons, Publisher Chooseco, which boasts that it has seen over 260 million books printed over its 35-year history, claims tablets will "let us do to cartoons what we did to kids' books", "Beware and Warning!" the page's description begins, mimicking the attention-grabbing start of the old page-turners, "You and YOU ALONE are in godzilla 5 iphone case charge of what happens in this Kickstarter."Chooseco has 30 days to round up $130,000 (£84,000) worth of backing, a figure it says will enable it to fully fund a 32-episode 'toon, which it hopes to develop into a series..

Choose Your Own Adventure cartoons will be available to download via iTunes, with $6 (£4) being the lowest amount you can invest and get access to the cartoon should it be successfully funded. You can pledge a lot more if you want to -- throwing $5,000 (£3,200) at the project lets you voice a character in one of the interactive cartoons. The first episode is already scripted, the publisher says, and is based on 2007's Your Very Own Robot. It will involve the reader bolting together a robot called Gus, and has 20 story branches with 11 possible endings.

The digital format should also put a stop to children holding their fingers in previous pages, making it impossible to backtrack should their character meet a godzilla 5 iphone case grisly end falling down an ice cavern, for no apparent reason, CYOA's biggest rival back in the 80s and 90s was Fighting Fantasy, created by UK gaming legends Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, A small selection of classic FF game books have been adapted for Android and iOS, Will you invest in the Choose Your Own 'toon, or would you rather see your kids leafing through the traditional paper versions? Choose your path in the comments, or meet your grisly demise at the foot of our Facebook wall..

Like its predecessor, the FlexSmart X2, the X3 plugs into your car's cigarette lighter, which powers a transmitter that takes advantage of any weak or unused frequency on the FM dial. It also has a Bluetooth receiver for pairing with your phone or tablet. So the audio arrives via Bluetooth and gets kicked back out via FM. In my experience, devices like these can be hit or miss, but the X3 is definitely the best of breed. In my tests, it quickly found an open frequency, and the music that came from my iPhone sounded loud and static-free -- far better than with the X2, frankly.

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