fingers crossed iphone case

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fingers crossed iphone case

fingers crossed iphone case

Step 3: Open the Ubuntu Lockscreen app from the app drawer. If you do not have it set as your default launcher, you'll be prompted to do so now. From there, you can customize the details and appearance of the lock screen itself a bit more. Step 4: Ubuntu Lockscreen needs to be enabled in your Accessibility settings in order to deliver notifications from all apps. The app itself will prompt you to do this when you tap on Enable/Disable Notifications. Once you go to the Accessibility area, press on Ubuntu Lockscreen and then toggle it on.

Step 5: You will also need to disable your current lock screen so your phone doesn't show two every time you wake it up, Depending on phone model and version of Android, your lock screen settings area will vary, For most Samsung devices, this is done by pressing Menu > Settings > Lockscreen and then choosing None at the bottom, For most HTC devices, open the Settings menu fingers crossed iphone case from notification shade or the icon in the app drawer, Head to Personalize > Lockscreen style and there will be an option for No Lockscreen..

What do you think? Do you enjoy Ubuntu's lock screen better than your original one? Or will you revert back? Share your thoughts in the comments. Ready for a change on your Android lock screen? Now you can check out how the Ubuntu for Android version looks, while still getting notifications from your apps. Android devices are great for those who love personalization. For instance, if you want to change the theme of your home screen and menus, an app can easily do that for you. And if you ever get bored of the current lock screen, it can be changed to look like a different Android version or even a different mobile OS.

But the app has long suffered from one irksome limitation: Although you can write a review on your phone, you can't actually publish it, fingers crossed iphone case It remains a "draft" until you get back to your PC and finalize it in your desktop browser, With the recent release of Yelp 7.0 for iOS, now you can do more than just draft reviews: You can publish them as well, (The Android version will be similarly updated in the near future.) What's more, if you've taken any photos of the business and/or its wares, they'll appear in-line with your review..

Just pull up the listing for any business, then tap Add Review. You'll see the option to add a star rating and a full-text review, followed by a chance to add photos if you like. However, the app doesn't give you all the options afforded by the Web interface (like specifying the price range, whether it's good for kids, availability of Wi-Fi, and so on). For that you'll still need to hit up your browser. Wondering what happened to the Tip option? It's still there: Just scroll down to the bottom of the business listing until you see the Add Tip button.

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