bohemian wonderland iphone case

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bohemian wonderland iphone case

bohemian wonderland iphone case

Augmented reality you care about Augmented reality -- where outside information or images overlay what you see through your camera's viewfinder -- is one of those things that's easy to disassociate from the camera. It's also a feature that I forget to want to use. Instead of pointing a camera in a direction and hoping my phone will tell me which landmarks or restaurants are nearby or off in the distance (like Yelp's Monocle app), I usually glue my face to maps for directions and slavishly shuffle along.

Well, there's room for growth in this area, too, A little more development could pull up touch-free information about a very specific location or an object that's deeper than what we have today, Imagine a scenario, says Michael Ching, head of Rambus' imaging department, in which holding up the phone to a museum painting, an item on a retail shelf, a billboard, or even a direction at an airport or the zoo would pop up more-detailed information about what the object is, or point out exactly which way to go without you typing a bohemian wonderland iphone case thing..

In order for this more nuanced development in augmented reality to blossom, the camera and the software that interprets images both have to become very good at accurately distinguishing objects from one another. 3D shooting with a single lens DSLRs don't need multiple cameras to shoot in 3D, and in the future, smartphones won't, either. Since so many features and effects swim downstream from dSLRs and point-and-shoots to smartphones, keep your eye out for this kind of option to make its way onto your phone.

Effects applied to videos and panoramas are other good smartphone candidates for the future, Smartphone cameras rising, In some cases, smartphone image quality will march along thanks to the trickle-down of features and technology from standalone bohemian wonderland iphone case cameras, Other times, we'll see developers dream up tools, like enhanced uses for augmented reality, that are specific to the mobile experience, Either way, it's phone owners' demand for better, clearer, more interesting pictures and effects that keeps driving mobile photography forward, and making your handset the most convenient-to-reach camera you could own..

To see the latest and best of what's available now, check our current list of the best camera phones. Smartphones Unlocked is a monthly column that dives deep into the inner workings of your trusty smartphone. Today's 41-megapixel sensors and 10x optical zooming lenses are just the beginning for smartphone shooters. It wasn't all that long ago that a 3.2-megapixel camera on the back of your smartphone was reason to show off. Now, phone-makers like Nokia and Samsung are forging a new frontier of mobile photography aimed at incorporating the technology of a point-and-shoot into the smartphone bundle.

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