bear in whimsical wild iphone case

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bear in whimsical wild iphone case

bear in whimsical wild iphone case

CNET Australia had previously reported on rumours that suggested the G2 could hit local retailers in October. Pricing and plans for the G2 on Optus post-paid will be revealed closer to launch, although LG will sell the handset in select retailers for an outright price of AU$699. The G2 will be available exclusively to Optus when it arrives in November, and will work on Optus' new TDD-LTE 4G network. Launched overnight in New York, LG's new flagship G2 will arrive in Australia in Q4 this year — believed to be around November, according to an LG press release.

In advance of Casio's 30th anniversary G-Shock event in New York on Wednesday, I had a chance to play bear in whimsical wild iphone case around with the new Bluetooth watches along with not quite final versions of some of the other just-announced G-Shock watches, including the new $130 XL 6900 (a 10 percent larger version of the DW-6900) and the company's new high-end metal MT-G Metal Twisted timepieces, which start at $900 and go up to $1,100, depending on the finish (the base model is stainless steel, and the two higher-end versions are black ion)..

It's good that the new Bluetooth watches offer some additional functionality, and I can see some value in being able to control music playback on your phone remotely (currently, the watches work with the iPhone 4S/5 and the Galaxy S4, but hopefully more devices will be supported before launch this fall), but I asked Casio execs when we'd see the more health-oriented style features found in all the movement-tracking, calorie-burn-counting devices flooding the market. After all, the G-Shock brand seems well-suited for such a device.

It's certainly something the company's looking at, the execs said, but it remains a challenge bear in whimsical wild iphone case to add such features while making sure the watch delivers good battery life without having to be frequently recharged (the new Bluetooth watches are rated for two years of battery life using a standard watch battery), In other words, the G-Shock DW-6900 and GB-X6900B are first and foremost tough watches that are slightly enhanced to interact with certain smartphones, I don't know how smart that makes them, but I'll have to play around with them some more before I give a final verdict..

Look for new G-Shock watches to hit stores this fall, with the Bluetooth and XL 6900 models arriving in October and the higher-end MT-G shipping November. Another model, the $300 GW9400 Rangeman (part of the Master of G collection), which features an altimeter, temperature/atmospheric pressure gauge, and compass, is also set to ship in November and is the first G-Shock with Shock Resistant Triple Sensor technology. G-Shock goes luxury with the $900 to $1,100 MT-G series, blows up the 6900 series, and trots out version 2.0 of its Bluetooth-enabled watches.

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