banana leaf watercolor #society6 #buy #decor iphone case

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banana leaf watercolor #society6 #buy #decor iphone case

banana leaf watercolor #society6 #buy #decor iphone case

Aside from the longer battery life, the marquee features for the Moto X are all about being "always on." One of the biggest features are the devices' "touchless controls," which allow you to conduct Google searches, make phone calls, and access the navigation app just by talking using the magic words: "OK, Google Now.." Another touchless control feature allows you to access the camera with a couple of twists of your wrist. This wakes up the camera, even if your device is asleep and locked. I also like that you can get the time and check message status while your device is in sleep mode, which is another aspect of the "always on" capability of the device.

Another thing many people will likely appreciate about the Moto X is that it's not loaded up with a lot of additional bloatware software, It's truly the closest you're likely to come to a pure Google Android phone outside the Nexus line of products, This is important because it should help make upgrading software on the device in the future much easier than it would be banana leaf watercolor #society6 #buy #decor iphone case with the GS4 or HTC One, The only negative I see about this device is the fact that the version that will be first available on all the carrier networks has only 16GB of device storage, without any expandable memory card slot..

LG G2: In terms of specs, the LG G2 is king of the hill for the moment. It has the fastest quad-core processor, biggest battery, and largest and highest resolution HD screen of all the high-end devices announced thus far. But as I've said before, specs tell only part of the story. There are a few standout features on this device that you should consider when evaluating it in comparison with the others. The first is a design feature. LG has put the On and Off button and volume controls on the back of the device. The company claims this is a more comfortable and natural way to access these controls than either hitting a button on the top or sides of the device. Personally, I don't think it matters much where the buttons are in terms of turning the device on and off and adjusting the volume.

But what I do like about having those buttons on the back of the device is that when the camera app is activated, it makes it a bit easier to take photos, especially selfies using the front-facing camera, Tapping a camera icon on the front screen of most smartphones is usually kind of awkward for me, I banana leaf watercolor #society6 #buy #decor iphone case much prefer having an actual button to click, And surprisingly having that button on the back of the G2 is actually a comfortable place for it when you are taking photos, The G2 also comes with a few other interesting and seemingly useful software features, too, For instance, it allows you to set up a "guest mode" for your device, This could be especially useful for parents who may not want to give their kids full access to their smartphones, but instead can customize a "kid setting" that shows only apps that the kids can access..

I also like the Text Link feature, which allows you to save information from a text message to your calendar or a memo. The Answer Me feature that lets you answer the phone by picking it up and holding it to your ear when it rings is also kind of nifty. And I like the KnockOn feature that lets you unlock the device by tapping the screen twice. What should you do? The bottom line is that each of these smartphones has something to offer. And they're all worthy of consideration. But your ultimate decision will be based on your personal taste. It's like buying a car. Some people like Hondas while others prefer Toyotas or Mazdas. For the most part, when you're looking at smartphones today, they all have the same basic performance, which makes it hard to base your decision on the nitty-gritty technical details alone.

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