atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - pink

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atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - pink

atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - pink

You try to stand, but your muscles scream in protest, still exhausted from the swim to shore. You spy a bottle bobbing serenely in the waves. Inside is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. You are a contestant in Samsung's SOS-Island and you must compete to win challenges, while engaging with viewers through social media channels. Welcome to SOS-Island, Samsung's bizarre new scheme to maroon phone fans on a desert island with wilderness expert Les Stroud, in a bid to promote the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy NX cameras. I'm not making this up.

In the two-month-long contest, atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - pink 16 contestants from around the world learn wilderness survival in Puerto Rico, After one week of training, eight survivalists will be marooned on a desert island for two weeks, competing in challenges that will be streamed live to Facebook and YouTube, Viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite castaway, with the winner receiving a $100,000 voucher for island real estate, which you could use to buy or rent a plot of tropical land, "What would you do," Stroud demands in the increasingly-baffling promo video embedded below, "if you were stranded on a tropical island with only a smart phone?"..

On that point, we're not sure how exactly the S4 Zoom -- which looks like a phone but has a 10x optical zoom lens strapped to its rump -- will prove helpful in island survival. But we have some ideas. The South Korean tech giant is launching a reality survival show featuring grizzled wilderness pro Les Stround. You lie on the bleached-white sand, staring out into the heaving expanse, the sound of grey waves crashing on nearby shoals, echoing off stark, surrounding cliffs. You remember the curve of the ship's prow as it slipped, groaning beneath the waves, and the outline of the sunken hull, briefly illuminated in the glow of rupturing electrics.

"A new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category and traditionally that has helped both Apple and its competitors," said Tom Mainelli, research director of tablets at IDC, "With no new iPads, the market slowed for many vendors, and that's likely to continue into the third quarter, However, by the fourth quarter we expect new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive impressive growth in the market."Android and Windows tablets posted huge year-over-year jumps in second-quarter shipments, while Apple's iPad shipments slid 14 percent to 14.6 million, Apple's market share in tablets fell to 33 percent from 60 percent atomic slim 2 case for apple iphone xs max - pink a year ago..

Android tablet shipments grew 163 percent to 28.2 million, giving it 63 percent share. Windows' tablet shipments jumped 527 percent, but that boosted them to only 1.8 million shipments, or 4 percent of the total market. BlackBerry's tablets posted a 33 percent year-over-year drop in shipments. "Apple aside, the remaining vendors are still very much figuring out which platform strategy will be successful over the long run," IDC's Ryan Reith said. "To date, Android has been far more successful than the Windows 8 platform. However, Microsoft-fueled products are starting to make notable progress into the market."For individual vendors, Apple remained No. 1 despite its year-over-year shipment slide. Samsung gained a significant amount of share in the period, shipping 8.1 million tablets to nab 18 percent of the market.

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