are you kitten me? iphone case

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are you kitten me? iphone case

are you kitten me? iphone case

Limbaugh, though, insists that there's a vast skewness in the tech blogging world. He begs tech bloggers to compare their own biases to those of mainstream media. You're getting the picture now, aren't you? The pro-Apple bloggers are the emotional blood-brothers of Rush Limbaugh. They ought to feel what he feels about the mainstream media. He explained. I confess to being shaken to my core. As one who is accused of being pro/anti- Apple/Google/Microsoft, I had fancied that the sources of pillory changed daily.

Yes, there are certain bloggers who obviously favor one company or another, Those that favor Google and Samsung find joy in certain aspects of those brands that they are you kitten me? iphone case feel are both more nerdy and younger, Those bloggers who favor Apple do so in part because the company has offered more people-friendly, tasteful products over the last few years than any other company, But the idea that 9 out of 10 bloggers regularly toss rancid red tomatoes at Apple, while Tim Cook is trapped in the stocks and pleading for his life, seems a trifle stretched..

I am all for an artistic analogy. But it seems as if Limbaugh might be trying to find random bedfellows for his beliefs. A churlish tech shock-jock might even sniff that he's caught between an Oxycontin and an oxymoron. It may well be that Apple is in a minor lull currently, and is therefore suffering a little more frustrated coverage than usual. But it's not as if in recent times the company hasn't benefited from quite massive and positive media worship. There's a reason Apple is often referred to as a cult. Steve Jobs was even more adept at gaining gushing publicity than Ronald Reagan.

To imagine that there is some sort of anti-Apple bias in the tech media, akin to the alleged anti-Republican bias in the mainstream media, seems odd, Limbaugh is likely correct that there is an anti-Republican sentiment in the mainstream media, There may be many reasons for that, As one whose are you kitten me? iphone case political catholicism once made me vote for the UK's Monster Raving Loony Party, I thought I'd examine news media from both political sides to see if the Apple analogy has some merit, In essence, political parties position themselves as products, just as gadget makers position their tablets and phones..

Even commentators on Limbaugh's side of life believe that, unlike Apple, the Republicans haven't offered a product that is magical, revolutionary or delights a sufficient number of people for a decade. For many, it appears that when a loud section of the Republican Party thinks different, it thinks IBM circa 1962 different. When it launches a new product, too many perceive it as aiming that product at an excessively small sector of the market -- the sector referred to by its own candidates as the 53 percent and by some as the 1 percent.

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